My Story

My name is Nickib and I call home Upper Coomera, in Queensland Australia:)

In September 2016 I became Australia's Newest Scentsy Director! 

I joined the Scentsy Family in early August, 2014 while living in a small town of 2100 in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. I was a small business owner that worked from home and although on the outside it appeared that I was truly successful and extroverted, the truth was I was shy, broke, lonely and in desperate need of a new life plan.

I lost a lot of confidence in myself in early 2012 having developed Chronic Fatigue which drained me of all creative energy and I felt I just couldn't find my 'spark', the one thing that I needed to motivate me back to health, back to 'me' again.

I had heard of Scentsy years before, and hadn't realised that it had launched in Australia in September, 2013. I researched Scentsy consultants through google search and facebook and messaged a few of them some questions about the company like, 'do you have to post product to people?', 'do you HAVE to do home parties?' etc,.
Having ummmed and ahhed for a few weeks, I sat one night and thought.. 'what the hell', and signed up on August 5th 2014 :)

Once I received my kit, I sat with friends and family on their lounge room floors just laughing and smelling all the amazing scents, and trying out the hand creams. My first month with Scentsy I earned enough sales to pay back what I originally spent on the kit and then some.

Each month I have grown in sales, but most importantly, I have grown in confidence. Every day I see a bit more of who I use to be. The fun loving, life affirming, dare devil attitude I had thought I lost years before now shows through in my YouTube videos and Facebook posts. I can never put a price on what Scentsy as given back to me.

In just a few short months, the Chronic Fatigue symptoms started dissipating as each small goal I set for myself was achieved. I'm now happily proud to say I haven't had any symtoms for over a year!

I now have over Forty people on my team who were once strangers and now great friends.

I found where I am supposed to be and am doing what I need to be doing with my life. And I never felt happier, healthier or more confident. That night, my 'what the hell' attitude changed everything!

Do you live in Australia | New Zealand | Germany | Ireland | Scotland | United Kingdom | France | USA | Canada | Mexico | Italy I'm looking for new Team Members in your area! Come connect with me! (copy and paste links in to your search bar).
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*squishy hugs & fist pumps*